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El Capitan Canyon 3A-II

Total Trip Length: 3.45 mi

Technical: rappels, down climbs

Number of Raps: 6

Longest Rap: 40’

Water: Avoidable

Vehicle: Passenger

Shuttle: No 







From the parking area head North following highway 77 for approximately 1.05 miles (33.187800, -110.809017). On the right hand side of the road where the guardrail starts you will see a “Watch for Animals” sign. Following the natural drainage into the bottom of the canyon and head south.


Rap 1: Short rappel, approx. 10’. Possible to down climb if comfortable on rock. Rap 2: Optional. Water tends to be very stagnant and full of mosquitos and bees. Can bypass by climbing up on left side of canyon. Rappel is approximately 15’. Rap 3: You have two options for rappel three. Rappel into stagnant pool of water (approximately 15’) or climb up left and rappel from ledge and bypass water (approximately 25’). Rap 4: Steep smooth slab requiring rappel due to lack of friction (approximately 35’). If one is comfortable on rock it could be successfully down climbed. Rap 5: Short rappel with an awkward start (approximately 10’). Rap 6: Straightforward short rappel (approximately 20’).


After the last rappel continue to follow the canyon until you reach an old road on the right-hand side (33.170117, -110.804317). Follow the road to for approximately 340 feet (33.170464, -110.805360). At this point you can continue up the drainage or go left and follow the old road to highway 77.


From Globe/Miami : From US 60 in globe (E. Ash St.) head east until the US 60 splits and heads Northeast. Continue straight, this will turn into US 70. Continue on US 70 for approximately 2.06 miles. Turn right onto highway 77. Head south for 15.4 miles. There will be a pull out on the right hand side of the road just after the runaway tru

ck ramp (33.173280, -110.809869)

From Hayden/Winkleman: Head north on highway 77 for 17.2 miles where there will be a pullout on your left hand side just before a runaway truck ramp (33.173280, -110.809869)

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