Disclaimer: The information provided is only meant as a reference for those who posses the necessary skills and knowledge to attempt a canyon. is not responsible for your actions. Please assess your own skills and the current conditions before attempting any canyon. Canyons are essentially living environments; continuously changing in appearance and difficulty. With this is mind, the ACA rating system is only a reference, not defined.

Water levels in any canyon can fluctuate greatly from year-to-year, season-to season, and day-to-day. If a canyon has higher water, volume/ current than indicated by the rating, the descent may be more difficult than suggested. Reevaluation of your descent is advised. A risk/seriousness rating suggests that the canyon will involve higher than average risk. The absence of a risk/seriousness rating does not suggest that there will be no risk. All canyoneering involves risk. Risk factors include, length of rappels (single- or double-rope) and exposure, anchor availability, anchor quality, route finding, obstacles, problem-solving, flash flood potential, availability of exits and high ground, water temperature, prolonged immersion, and difficulty of evacuation or rescue.