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Splash Down Canyon 3B-II

Total Trip Length: 1.8 mi

Technical: rappels, down climbs

Number of Raps: 4

Longest Rap: 140’

Total Ascent: 767'

Water: Mandatory Swim

Vehicle: Passenger

Shuttle: No 







From the parking area (33.55351, -111.45116) head north through the boulders blocking the road for approximately 730’.  Turn left and follow a faint trail down to the river. Cross the river and come ashore just to the right of the small cove across from the island on the south side of the river. Traverse to the left until you are able to able to climb to the top. Once on the ridge head east to a small gulch. Follow the gulch down to the bottom and on the right is the start of the canyon (33.55943, -111.44972). 



Rap 1: Approximately 15’ into a pool which required a short swim. Rap 2: Approximately 15’ into a shallower pool but has potential to be a mandatory swim. 

Rap 3: Approximately 50’ down a slab like waterfall that is two tiered. Rap 4: 140’ rappel directly into the salt river. It is deep here, however there is a rock-band just west of the rappel that can be used to pull the rope and collect gear.   


Across the river from the last rappel you will see an area with gray rock that gradually meets the river and a faint path heading up the gulley. You are able to come ashore here instead of heading back to the laughing point. Once on the gray rocks you will head ESE up the faint path until you reach the road. However, this road is blocked off with a sign “Federal Property No Trespassing” near the parking area. Walk the road for approximately 1,200’ and you will be back at the parking area. 


Exit on Idaho Rd. from US Route 60 and head north for approximately 2.2 miles. Turn right onto Arizona State Route 88 and continue for approximately 12.2 miles. Make a left onto Apache Trail and continue for approximately .6 miles. Parking area will be on the left. 

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